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So many garage door companies on the web dwell on the past – the history of the garage door and the evolution of the garage door opener…blah, blah, blah 1923…blah, blah, blah 1946…blah, blah, blah, 1992…

Medina Garage Door OpenerHere at Medina Garage Door Openers, we don’t play that nostalgia game. Our seasoned technicians have their gaze focused on the future. And while the history of garage doors is a snooze-fest, the future looks exciting and shiny, with so many innovations that it makes your head spin. Here are some of the great innovations available to the customers of Medina Garage Door Openers:


Great news for people on the go: A remote lockout feature allows you to completely turn off the radio receiver, when on vacation, for example. That’s a nice chunk of peace of mind; nothing will ever cause your garage door to rise unexpectedly when the receiver is shut down. It’s also a great way to temporarily disable the door and keep your kids from taking the car for a joyride – not that your kids would ever do this, but Medina Garage Door Openers can install a lockout system, just in case.


Why didn’t someone think of this years ago? A simple concept, but a sophisticated monitoring sensor will automatically open your garage door when the garage fills up with exhaust fumes. Medina Garage Door Openers offers carbon monoxide detectors and sensors to all our customers.


These are the lights that come on automatically when the garage door opens. Although few people even notice these lights nowadays, when they were first invented, auto-lights were all the rage. The modern version can program the lights to stay on for a pre-determined amount of time, tailored to the layout of your garage and the proximity to your main house. Medina Garage Door Openers can help you with all of your garage door lighting needs!


The array of garage door accessories available today is staggering. There are all sorts of wireless security keypads, car systems and solenoid-operated deadbolt locks. A solenoid lock allows you to turn and lock the garage door solidly, from anywhere in the world!


Medina Same Day Garage Door Opener RepairThe latest “smart” garage door openers are the ultimate in convenience AND security. Connected to your smart phone through the internet, these modern marvels can operate and monitor your garage door system from anywhere in the world. Naturally, Medina Garage Door Openers were pioneers of the smart If that seems like more technology than you need, consider these two common scenarios:

  1. Your garage door mysteriously rises on its own while you’re on vacation. Normally, it would take three-and-a-half days until you hear about it, by the time your Uncle Murray happens to be driving by and spots the open door. With a spiffy new smart garage door opener, you are alerted the minute your garage door rises, and you can close it instantly.
  2. The package you ordered, a Bitcoin mining machine, has finally arrived at your house after anxiously awaiting its arrival for MONTHS. The only problem is, you’re stuck at work. You won’t have to wait another day to start on your Bitcoin road to riches – you can easily open your garage door remotely from your office, to let the delivery person drop off your package.

One thing is for sure – wherever the latest technology takes us, Medina Garage Door Openers will be there at the forefront to help you along.

Medina Garage Door Openers

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