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Garage doors don’t seem like complicated instruments of precision, but they are. The entire electric garage door mechanism is made up of many different gears, each which perform a specific duty to help operate the door. Here at Medina Garage Door Springs we like to think of your garage door system as a gigantic Swiss watch movement.

Look, you wouldn’t lean a motorcycle against a fine Swiss watch movement, would you? You wouldn’t whack it with hockey sticks and snowballs, would you? So why do you treat your garage door system like a crazy relative that lives in the basement?

It’s Time To Talk About Garage Door Springs

Medina Same Day Garage Door Spring RepairConsider that garage door lifespans are, on average, well over a decade. While they have the potential to live into teenage years, they can only do so with proper maintenance and upkeep. Medina Garage Door Springs specializes in door springs, which are arguably the most important component of the garage door mechanism. The springs do most of the heavy lifting; garage door springs are your friends!

Garage door designs have changed over the years, but the actual machine has remained virtually unchanged. Springs serve as a constant in any and every type of garage door. This is because the springs are where the magic happens. Garage doors rely on the springs to gently lift and lower the door thousands of times in their function. The right amount of tension in the springs allows the garage to come down at a slow and steady pace. Medina Garage Door Springs uses the best springs offered on the market today, and our technicians will install the new ones seamlessly.

Medina Garage Door Springs Are The Spring Specialists

Garage door springs are cool. They lift massive amounts of weight — and they also They are durable and strong and they are our cars’ best buddies. These heavy-duty torsion springs are so cute; they’re even color-coded to identify the strength of the spring. They are the keepers of the gate, and we must treat them with the dignity and respect that they deserve. Garage door springs want and need attention that can only be given by a skilled technician, such as those employed at Medina Garage Door Springs. We recognize how precious the springs are to any garage door, and how important garage doors are to the families they serve. We also recognize that garage doors need to be fully serviced to run properly, and we are ready to service your springs, or anything else, at the drop of a hat.

Garage Door Spring Replacement At The Drop Of A Hat

Medina Garage Door Springs specializes in springs for one particular reason: its extremely hazardous to try to replace a garage door spring by yourself, and we want to take away any and all chance of a freak accident occurring. After hearing multiple stories of the injuries sustained in pursuit of replacing a spring, we decided to take an active role in preventing future injuries. Like taming a lion, or being a stunt person, replacing a garage door spring is best left to the professionals. We are adamant about ensuring that our customers recognize the danger in do-it-yourself garage door spring replacement.

Here at Medina Garage Door Springs, we do all kinds of garage door maintenance, but no task is quite as rewarding as replacing a garage door spring. Let us dazzle you by practicing our passion, and we promise you will be 100% satisfied. Yes, Medina Garage Door Springs aims to please…you!

Medina Garage Door Springs

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Medina Garage Door Springs stands above the pack of garage door spring companies by offering our world famous satisfaction guarantee!

Medina Garage Door Springs

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